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Applicants Can Access Their Results Online

With Inside Look® we take our commitment a step further by delivering applicants’ laboratory results in a unique, fast and easy-to-understand format.

Build A Better Business

  • Your Client's Health - We're not just sharing their test values. The results we deliver include detailed explanations so they can fully comprehend what each number and scale represents. This not only allows applicants to be more knowledgeable, but it also empowers them to make better, more informed decisions for their health.

  • Strengthen Client Relations - Purchasing life insurance is one of the most selfless and important choices one can make. By sharing the benefits of Inside Look you can show how much you want to help protect their family. 

Watch our video and be sure to encourage your applicants to utilize Inside Look at MyExamOne.com/results.

If you'd like more information or would be interested in having me demo Inside Look for you and your office please let me know.


    Andrew Sutton
   (818) 481-8316



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